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This CD was also recorded at Zen Recording Studios by Steve Connelly. It was over a year in the making. A record with a lot of heart and hard work. It is an awesome ride; every song flows so well to the next, and the sound quality is superb. There are songs like "Livin On Our Time" and "Little Get Away", also includes songs written for my sisters weddings, "Look At Em Now" and " Little Sister". It will be hard to pick which song is your favorite!



15 years after recording my first record, I found myself with a lot of new experiences and songs. The first day of recording at Zen Studios, before the first chord was played, I told the guys, "this has been a long time comin." And so it was, this CD really shows a mature songwriter and musician at work. It is a true masterpiece. There is a strong Americana feel, but also a nice blend of styles that are sure to grow on you, given the chance. Contains some cool acoustic guitar work as well, like "Lifetime Guarantee" and a couple rockin blues tunes "Stay Til 2 In The Mornin" and "Take The Back Door".

This project was recorded at Group Effort Sound Studio in Crescent Springs Kentucky. It was recorded old school on a reel to reel and the sound quality was preserved on a DAT. The main band used on the recording was The Urge, who I played with on weekends for four years. These songs were polished at our live shows. At that time, I lived in an area surrounded by musicians and creative people, so when word got out I was in the studio, I had the opportunity to add sax, trumpet, harmonica, female back up singers, and more. Features fun rockin songs like Waitin on a Waitress and I'm a Gambler.